The Hala Story

For over 30 years, Hala has been the home of fun and innovative snacks.

You can ask any person from the 80's about Hala Chips, and you will certainly get the most fun stories from way back!

Hala Chips is the most famous chips among a wide range of products in a world that is ever changing, winning the hearts and taste buds of Jordanians of all ages.
The secret? We just simply do it right and right here in Jordan.

Committed to introducing the most innovative snacks; Hala Chips includes lots of varieties of mouth-watering flavors coming in an assortment of shapes. From the hooped shaped chips of Zoom and fun shapes of Rocky, to the ultimate crispiness of Cheezers; we continue to deliver the best snacks made of the finest ingredients.

With our new world class factory, we are excited about creating the most fun and innovative products for the next generation of Hala Lovers.

Hala throughout the years